Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Gloria - GlasgowGloria - Glasgow
I had 5 previous instructors before I found Gregg White of LDC and he made my driving lessons very easy and enjoyable. Gregg is very calm when teaching. He motivates you and makes you believe in yourself. After every lesson I knew I had learned something new.

Gregg was always very punctual and his training is professional, fun and great value for money. I'd certainly recommend Gregg to anyone who is thinking of taking driving lessons.

Stephanie - BurnsideStephanie - Burnside
Gregg is a brilliant instructor who helped me pass my test first time. He's very calm and friendly and makes learning easy. I liked the home visit he offered as it gave me a chance to meet him before I started my lessons in the car. I would definitely recommend Gregg to anybody thinking about driving lessons.

Adam - CambuslangAdam - Cambuslang
I had a great experience in learning to drive with Gregg. I found his teaching methods very easy to understand and enjoyable. Lessons were well planned and covered a wide range of topics. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to pass their driving test.

John - BlanytreJohn - Blanytre
I passed my driving test first time and in a short period of time with Gregg. Lessons were always very well structured and he has a very calm teaching style and friendly personality. He made me confident in my own ability from the very first lesson. I highly recommend him.

Shirley - RutherglenShirley - Rutherglen
Gregg is a fantastic instructor. He is patient, passionate about what he does, and has great teaching skills. I would highly recommend him to other learner drivers.

Craig - CambuslangCraig - Cambuslang
Passed 1st time
Gregg is a very patient and understanding instructor. I enjoyed taking lessons with him. He is a top guy and I would highly recommend him to other learner drivers. P.S. Passed first time!

Jose - RutherglenJose - Rutherglen
Gregg is an amazing driving instructor. I took lessons with him following bad experiences with two other driving schools. At the time I started with Gregg my confidence was on the floor and I wasn't really sure if I'd ever be able to drive. He turned things around and made lessons go from something I dreaded to something I looked forward to. He is very patient, always calm, and has a good sense of humour. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Jenna - CroftfootJenna - Croftfoot
Gregg is a calm and patient instructor. I enjoyed the structure and flexibility of the lessons. Gregg helped me greatly rebuild my confidence in areas I had been previously struggling with following lessons with a different instructor. I would highly recommend Gregg to pupils first starting lessons or to people with previous driving experience. Thanks for helping me get a first time pass!

Katie - CambuslangKatie - Cambuslang
Gregg is a great instructor who is very patient and calm. He makes you feel relaxed when learning to drive and this helps make the lessons enjoyable. I would recommend Gregg to anyone thinking about driving lessons as you are taught so well and at a pace that suits you. Lessons are structured and prepared in advance so that you get the most out of each lesson on the day. Thanks so much.

Jennifer - CambuslangJennifer - Cambuslang
Gregg was very clam during lessons and always made me feel relaxed. He was friendly which helped me keep on top of my nerves and stay calm. Gregg didn't make a big deal when I made mistakes but instead talked me through them so that I could fix them. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor.

Karen - CambuslangKaren - Cambuslang
My experience with Gregg was fantastic. He was always there to help and made me feel calm and relaxed. I felt very comfortable during lessons and always couldn't wait for the next one. I really didn't think I would take to driving as quickly as I did but Gregg made things easy and simple to understand. I can't recommend Gregg highly enough and thank him so much for helping me pass my driving test first time.

Seemab - CambuslangSeemab - Cambuslang
I really enjoyed taking diving lessons with Gregg. He was the best driving instructor that I ever used and has helped me to achieve my dream of passing my driving test! I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Lynn - BurnsideLynn - Burnside
Gregg is a very friendly, calm and patient driving instructor. I would recommend Gregg and the LDC system to anyone learning to drive. Whenever I had any difficulties with a certain aspect of driving Gregg would teach me a different way to overcome the problem. The LDC workbook provided was excellent for reading up before each lesson so I was prepared for what we would be doing each time.

Grant - CambuslangGrant - Cambuslang
Learning to drive with Gregg was the best decision. He was extremely attentive and a calming influence throughout. The lessons were relaxed and made me enthusiastic about learning to drive, which I had previously found hard and stressful. I would recommend Gregg to everyone, you will not be disappointed.

Amber - CambuslangAmber - Cambuslang
Gregg has been a great driving instructor! He has been very friendly, calm and has always answered any questions I have had. I'm very thankful for all his support in helping me get my driving licence.

Caitlin - RutherglenCaitlin - Rutherglen
Gregg is an amazing instructor who always made me feel very confident in myself during lessons. I would highly recommend Gregg to anybody looking for driving lessons and would like to thank him very much for helping me pass my test first time.

Maciej - CambuslangMaciej - Cambuslang
Learning to drive with Gregg was a truly great experience. Gregg was a very patient and calm instructor, always ready to answer my questions and keep me motivated. I thoroughly enjoyed every single lesson and I'm looking forward to taking motorway lessons with him now that I have my full licence.

Ciara - GorbalsCiara - Gorbals
I did it. I'm so grateful to Gregg for his encouraging and constructive guidance coming up to my test. His patient and supportive manner has been very helpful throughout my tuition. I recommend Gregg and LDC to anybody thinking of taking driving lessons.

Laurie - BlantyreLaurie - Blantyre
I had lessons with another instructor before starting with Gregg from LDC and the difference in teaching styles and learning techniques was immense. Gregg explained everything in a clear and easy to understand way. I now feel confident going out on the road and being a safe driver. Thanks Gregg!

Kate - East KilbrideKate - East Kilbride
I commenced a 3 week semi-intensive course with Gregg.
The lessons ranged in difficulty, however I always felt at ease and enjoyed using the LDC System workbook and DVDs. Gregg is very patient and always ensured that I understood the lessons.

Gregg is an excellent instructor and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn fast and be a safe driver.

Yvonne - GovanhillYvonne - Govanhill
I really enjoyed my driving tuition with Gregg.
The lessons were broken down into easy to follow segments to coincide with the LD System workbook that I studied at home. This meant I could get the most from my time inside the car. I also enjoyed LDC's student centred approach that gave me control over the structure and pace of the course.

Gregg's car is comfortable and easy to drive - ideal for learners. If you want to pass your test and have fun doing so give Gregg a call!